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"Always make the audience suffer as much as possible."- Alfred Hitchcock/ Mariana. Irreversibly in love with the seventh art.



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Hey tumblr!
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To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.

—Bruce Lee (via thingslidaloves)

I cured myself of shyness when it finally occurred to me that people didn’t think about me half as much as I gave them credit for. The truth was, nobody gave a damn. Like most teenagers, I was far too self-centered. When I stopped being prisoner to what I worried was others’ opinions of me, I became more confident and free.

—Lucille Ball (via thoughts-of-mell)

so much truth in this. (via thegabdonwrites)

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When characters are talking to Starling, they often talk direct to camera, when she is talking to them, she is always looking slightly off-camera. Director Jonathan Demme explained that this was done so as the audience would directly experience her POV, but not theirs, hence encouraged the audience to more readily identify with her.

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