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"Always make the audience suffer as much as possible."- Alfred Hitchcock/ Mariana. Irreversibly in love with the seventh art.

“You see someone running incredibly fast - The first thing you gotta ask is ‘Are they running to something or are they running from something?’ The answer is always both.”

Topher, Dollhouse written by Joss Whedon (via words-and-coffee)


Inside the Breaking Bad writers’ room:

 ”By the end of the 4 season, it should be that Jesse is torn between two friends, or masters … ” Gilligan said, groping toward a breakthrough.
"Just say ‘lovers’," said one of the writers.
"No, it’s a custody battle! ‘I don’t know whether I want to live with Mom or Dad!’" Gilligan nearly shouted, grinning.
And the room’s energy was suddenly refocused.
"Walt is like, ‘He’s trying to turn you against me, don’t you see?’"
"His house is bigger than mine. Is that the problem?"
Gilligan was laughing: “He’s got a PlayStation. All I have is Sega.”